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While Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation is the home assembly for Rabbi Steve Berkson, all of his teachings are produced and distributed through the umbrella organization of Messianic Torah Observant Insrael (M.T.O.I.). All of the teachings produced by M.T.O.I. can be found by clicking here.

We would love to have you come and meet us personally if the opportunity should ever avail itself. But in the meantime, you can always join us each Shabbat online. We stream our services via YouTube, starting at 1:15 PM EST / 12:15 CST. Our services feature a time of praise and worship, corporate prayer, Hebraic liturgy, and the oft time humorous and always challenging, in-depth teachings of Rabbi Berkson. You can watch LIVE by clicking play below starting at 1:00 PM EST / 12:00 CST. Connect with others via the chat box while you wait for the service to start. The service starts when Rabbi Berkson sounds the shofar.

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Since we are joining each other online, we sometimes face technical challenges. This means that you might not be able to see or understand the liturgy as it is being streamed. In an effort to improve your online participation, we have created this page so that you can download anything that we make available. For starters, we are providing a PDF of our Shabbat liturgy. Feel free to download, print, and share this liturgy with anyone that you are worshipping with.

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Were you unable to watch the service live due to a scheduling conflict or a difference in timezones? Then watch the archive for a time of praise and worship, prayer, and teaching. All past services streamed via YouTube can be found online here. We recognize the importance of experiencing the whole service and not just the teachings. Even though we are a virtual congregation, we want to provide an experience that is as close as possible to being part of a physical assembly.

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Covenant Community 101: Are You Saved? -
Part 8

About this teaching:

Continuing from part 7, Rabbi Steve teaches further on the topic of guarding the Torah and possessing the Witness. As he takes us to Luke 10:25 we see once again Messiah Yeshua being tested by someone considered as “learned.” We also see here the word “inherit” being used regarding eternal life. What does this mean? How does it bring a critical understanding to being “saved?” In this passage we also see the question, “What must I do...;” how did Yeshua respond? Is salvation through Messiah the same as receiving eternal life? In Luke 8 we find the parable of the Seed and the Sower. Rabbi Steve takes us backwards through Yeshua’s explanation of this parable in order to understand it in a very unique way. If the “soil” is symbolic of the heart of a person, are people locked-in to the type of “soil” they find themselves to be, or can people choose the type of “soil” they would like to be? To what is the “fruit” referring? What is the key word most people overlook when reading about the “good soil?” In your excitement about discovering the truth of Torah, was your first reaction to run to tell your family and friends all about it? Rabbi Steve gives some crucial advice on how to avoid being blown out when starting your Torah-observant life. Rabbi Steve continues to unpack and expand through Scripture the understanding of this vital topic of the relationship between salvation, faith/belief, and works.

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